Please see "Election Information" tab for current election information.

Federal, State and local elections are held at the Franklin Township Hall, 3922 Monroe Road, Tipton.
Bring a photo ID.

    Poll hours are: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Absent Voter Ballots: 
If you wish to obtain an Absent Voter Ballot for an Election please contact Clerk Sue Whitehead at 431-2848. An absent voter application may be obtained at the Township Hall during regular business hours or contact the Clerk. IF MAILING A BALLOT PLEASE MAIL EARLY TO ALLOW TIME FOR THE BALLOT TO REACH THE CLERK. BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 8 P.M. ON ELECTION DAY IN ORDER TO BE COUNTED. BALLOTS MAY ALSO BE DROPPED OFF DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS AT THE TOWNSHIP HALL OR PLACED IN THE SECURE DROP-BOX LOCATED TO THE RIGHT OF THE TOWNSHIP HALL FRONT DOOR.

Voter Registration Link

General Election and Voter Registration Information

Are you registered to vote? Did you remember to change your address when you moved to your new community or address within the same community? You can register to vote or change your registration to the correct address at any Secretary of State office, County Clerk's office, or by contacting the Township Clerk in person, at the Township Hall during regular business hours, or by mail.

Franklin Township Precinct Location

School district and precinct information is printed on your voter identification card. State and Federal elections are held in even numbered years. Voting for Federal, State, local and school elections are held at the following location:

Franklin Township Hall, 3922 Monroe Road, Tipton, MI 49287

Please contact Clerk Sue Whitehead with any questions at 431-2848 or sue@franklintownship.net