Township Cemeteries

Franklin Township Owns Two Cemeteries
    Franklin Cemetery, N. Tipton Hwy., Tipton (1/4 mi. north of M-50)
   Mill Cemetery, W. M-50, Tipton (near Elton Hwy) no new grave sites

Cemetery Fees
    Price per grave:     $300 for Residents
                                $500 for Non-Residents
    Cemetery Sexton:  Scott Hunt (517) 467-2352
    Groundskeepers:    Victor Whitehead 431-2848
                                 Harley Whitehead

Winter seasonal grave decorations must be removed by April 1st for Spring Clean-up.
Summer grave decorations must be removed by October 1st for Fall Clean-up.
The Township Clerk is responsible for Township cemetery records and grave sales. Cemetery rules are listed at each entrance to the Franklin Cemetery. For cemetery related concerns, please contact the Clerk, Sue Whitehead, at (517) 431-2848.