Building Department

The Building Department's primary duties include the review of construction plans and documents, the issuance of building and electrical permits and the inspection of new and renovated structures for compliance with applicable codes and standards. It maintains permit and plan records and is available to help you through the process and answer any questions.

Residents please note...
If you are thinking of renovating, remodeling or building a new home or accessory structure you may need to obtain approval from your subdivision association or review your deed for restrictions.  These restrictions are enforced by the associations or privately by area property owners.

In consideration, review and planning of your proposed project please use and reference the following documents:

 Effective Code & Design Info         Work Requiring Building Permit              Building Permit Application

 General Permit Information            Required Inspections                              Building Permit Fee Schedule



Building Official & Zoning Administrator - Bruce Nickel         
                                                                                                                Contact Information

  • Registered Building Official                                                     email: 
  • Registered Building Inspector                                                 Home office:     (517) 467-7874
  • Registered Plan Reviewer                                                      Twp. office:       (517) 431-2320
  • Licensed Residential Builder                                                  Twp. Fax:          (517) 431-2720

Electrical Inspector - Richard Curtis
                                                                                                                Contact Information

  • Registered Electrical Inspector                                               email:
                                                                                                    Phone:     (517)  263-3911