Franklin Township
Zoning and Building Permit Requirements
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Zoning Officer:              Bruce Nickel          (517) 467-7874
Building Inspector:        Bruce Nickel          (517) 467-7874
Electrical Inspector:      Brian Lewis            (517) 423-9659
Mechanical Inspector:  James Wiech          (517) 937-2813
Plumbing Inspector:     Thomas Trudeau    (517) 206-9005

The following information and documentation is to be submitted for building projects to be reviewed and approved for compliance with various codes and ordinances. Failure to submit accurate, legible and complete plans and information may result in rejection and the need to re-submit revised or corrected copies.  The type of project will determine the required information but the basic needs are set forth below:

Zoning District - Obtain the zoning district in which your property is located for the application being made.  Use Section 16.01 of the Franklin Township Zoning Ordinance to determine the minimum and maximum dimensional setback and area requirements.

Site/Plot Plan - A site/plot plan is required to be submitted and be an accurate representation of the actual site dimensions. This information must be submitted, reviewed, and approved before a building permit will be approved and issued. Allow 1-2 weeks for dwelling reviews.  The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the plot plan, as well as any construction plans and other information submitted.  A copy of a recent property survey or mortgage survey works well for this purpose. The site/plot plan information shall include:
  1. An accurate diagram showing the property boundaries, dimensions and land area.
  2. Use of property adjacent to the subject property boundaries.
  3. Identify the property ID number, lot number and subdivision, if applies.
  4. Show and label all streets, driveways and drive easements,  Include all existing and proposed building(s). Indicate dimensions from proposed building(s) to the closest point of all property lines (high water mark if lake frontage) and existing buildings.
  5. Indicate location of septic field and/or well and show closest dimension to any proposed new construction.
  6. Indicate location of any existing power lines, utility poses, easements, flood plain contours and/or wetlands.

Building Plans - Two (2) complete sets of construction plans are required.  Plan on two (2) weeks for a plan review of a new dwelling.  One (1) set of approved plans will be returned and kept on the construction site. If the building area is calculated to be greater than 3500 SF or of a commercial or industrial use the construction prints are to be certified by the appropriately registered engineer or architect.  Construction plans may differ depending on the extent or complexity of the proposed construction.  Use the following information as a guideline:
  1. All plans for new construction require floor plans with exterior building and interior room dimensions, window and door sizes with glazing area.  Indicate type, location, thickness and R-value of all insulation and submit a compliant REScheck, if applicable.  All fire, smoke, CO2 and other related safety and fire equipment to be shown.  A cross sectional view indicating all materials and installation specs from footing to roof line.  Elevation drawings may also be required, check with Building Official for requirements.
  2. Modular and manufactured homes require a floor plan, exterior and interior dimensions, foundation plan, elevations and all the information in item one (1) above for site built additions.  Modular and manufactured homes must have the building systems approval report and on site labels.
  3. Accessory structures, decks and other new construction and remodeling need foundation, floor and sectional plans and/or information.
Floor Area - The floor area per dwelling unit and/or apartment proposed on any lot or parcel shall be not less than than established by Section 16.01. In determining floor area, only area used for living quarters shall be included.  Garages, carports, non-walled and non-roofed porches and unfinished basements are excluded. The building area information area, of the Building Permit Application, MUST be filled out completely and accurately.

Building Permit Fee - The building permit fees are based on costs to the Township for issuing the permit, conducting the inspections and issuing the certificate of occupancy.  The permit fees are listed on the Permit Fee Schedule with the included inspections.  If, during the construction process, there are additional inspections and/or costs associated with your permit they will be added and due prior to final inspection approval or issuance of the certificate of occupancy. 

Power Transmission Lines - Consumers Energy does not allow any building of structures to be within 36 feet of electrical transmission lines. If your proposed construction is within these areas contact will be required with consumers energy for setback approval.  (800) 477-5050  It is the applicant's responsibility to insure compliance with Consumers Energy.

Contractors - Contractors are required to submit a copy of their respective State of Michigan license with the application. 

By no means is a permitted area to be occupied or used for its intended use until final approval and certificate of occupancy is issued, this includes moving in furniture.

Additional Phone Numbers:
Miss Dig -  811  or  (800) 482-7171
Consumers Energy -  (800) 477-5050
Midwest Energy Cooperative - (800) 748-0287
Frontier Communications -  (517) 467-0211
Comcast - (800) 824-2000
State Building Construction Codes - (517) 241-9302